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The Fundraising Lore would be completely impossible without the help of numerous individuals including:

  • Iliya Yordanov - who introduced me to entrepreneurship

  • Andy Rachleff - who was my first startup teacher

  • Howard Bornstein - who partnered with me on my second startup

  • Dror Berman - who always believed in me

  • Stan Markuze - who introduced me to StartX

  • Cameron Teitelman - who co-founded StartX

  • Michael Carter - who opened my eyes about fundraising strategy

  • Joseph Huang - who spent many hours coaching me

  • Chris Herndon - who introduced me to the ECG

  • Alex Tauber - who started the ECG, giving me the gift of a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur support group

  • Michal Bortnik - who coached me about managing founder psychology

  • Craig Sherman - who has mentored me through the startup rollercoaster

  • Michael Chang - who has advised me on numerous occasions

  • Petar Dobrev - who has been a true partner in the past decade

  • Last but not least, all the founders I have had the privilege of working with and learning from

It really does “take a village” so this is but a tiny excerpt from a countless list of co-founders, teammates, entrepreneurs, mentors, advisees, executives, and investors, who have played a formative role in my life journey. For that I am eternally grateful. I aspire to pay it forward, which has been one of my largest motivations for writing the Fundraising Lore.