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How I am Qualified

Given the nature of the topic covered by the Fundraising Lore, it is only fair for readers to wonder about the author’s qualifications. So I thought I would briefly summarize my background.

I am a programmer turned entrepreneur. Originally from Bulgaria, I have been living and working in Silicon Valley since 2007. I have built and sold 3 companies.

My fundraising experience includes personally raising ~$10M for seed and series A rounds, mostly from VCs and a handful of angels. As part of an executive team, I’ve also raised $100M in late-stage venture capital, but that’s less relevant for this guide, which focuses on early-stage fundraising.

In addition, I have had the privilege of reviewing thousands of pitches and advising hundreds of entrepreneurs, who have gone on to raise billions of dollars in funding and create many thousands of jobs.

Perhaps more importantly, I started as a relatively inexperienced Silicon Valley outsider trying to make it in an industry (gaming) historically disliked by investors. That forced me to think very critically about fundraising. The Fundraising Lore summarizes this knowledge in the hopes of helping more founders succeed in pursuing their dreams.

You can learn more about me on my personal website